About the Plan

How does this plan work?

The Healthy Weigh Now® is a medically supervised, low carbohydrate weight loss program that helps clients lose 2-4 pounds of fat per week.

When we eat carbohydrates (such as bread, rice, pasta, and potatoes), our bodies convert them into glucose (sugar). We absorb the glucose into the bloodstream. This in turn causes the pancreas to release insulin to regulate our blood sugar level. However, insulin also causes our bodies to store calories in the form of fat. The more carbohydrates we eat, the more fat we store.

Our low carbohydrate diet is supervised by Board Certified Cardiologists. The program allows clients to enter a mild ketotic state in which fat is burned quickly but muscle maintained. Clients experience improvement in health, including lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, better controlled diabetes, and at times even complete resolution of these conditions. Through weekly personal coaching sessions, body composition analysis, and our protein-based products, clients can expect to lose weight without feeling hungry or needing to exercise.

When clients reach their goal weight, our coaches guide them through a specific transition period into a dedicated maintenance phase. This helps clients maintain their healthy weight.

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